About us

Xrgia is a leading consultant within renewable energy and infrastructure focusing on the green shift. Our team has over time developed a network with expertise, long experience and in-depth understanding of the industry. This enables us to quickly adapt competence and capacity to the challenges of the project.

With our knowledge, we provide consultancy services to power producers, power managers and other companies in the field of renewable energy and infrastructure. Our core business is within strategy, business development, digitalisation, project development and management.

What we believe in

We believe that the green shift and the ongoing technological development provide great opportunities for energy companies with a forward-looking strategy and associated willingness to change. However, it is often challenging to see opportunities, get a good strategy or make the decisions that are needed to realize this.

Through our expertise, we help our clients to exploit these opportunities to create value. Each assignment is unique, but important contributions from our side are that we:

  • Define the goals, approach and team/staff in close dialogue with the client.
  • Utilise tailormade teams with strong strategic and operational skills.
  • Follow up the projects until the project goals have been achieved.